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What we do at Knitbu?

We connect lovers of handcrafting and knitting with those who are looking for a unique product, handmade and the perfect fit

We mix the best of your favorite platforms and create an incredible community where you can:

  • Sell
  • Buy
  • Create projects
  • Save all of your patterns in one place
  • Follow other inspiring handcrafters
  • Buy your favorite materials
  • Chat with your customers
  • Upload your products
  • Share your creations
  • And much, much more

Share your designs or the creation process, inspire and chat with others while you generate new and more sales

At Knitbu we want to make your life easier. That’s why we´ve built a platform for you to save and share your projects and chat with others, all while making sales! A digital scrapbook for your personal and professional creations. Who says your hobby and business can´t happen in the same place?

Materiales para iniciar tu proyecto tejeril

Sell the Unique

Does this picture seem familiar to you? Wool, knitting needles, scissors, sewing machine, sewing needles ... Starting today, we want you to focus on doing what you do best: creating. From now on, let us take care of the boring stuff like payment systems and sales.

Buy the unique

Imagine that sweater you saw on Pinterest... Now imagine it made in your measurements, with the color of your choice, the shape, and the quality you have been looking for. Sound good? Now imagine being able to find all of your favorite craft materials to bring your idea to life, all in one place. Ready? Welcome to Knitbu

Como tejer un gorro

Discover what makes us special

Upload your products for free

We will only charge you a small commission when you sell any of your products. So while you create and design, we sell for you.

Sell wherever you want

Sell or pre-sell your products before launching. In simple steps you can earn money doing what you love.

Purchase without borders

You can buy a unique and handmade product. If you like knitting or crafts, you can find all your favorite materials to make them.

A unique platform

Simple, friendly and easy to use. We decided to create Knitbu mixing the best of the existing platforms to give you the best experience ever.

Organize your downloads

So, you bought a pattern and you don't remember where you saved it? In your panel you will be able to see your digital products, organize, download or share them.

Create and share your projects

We know that you have “a hunger” to discover, learn and share… What if you could show your creative processes to others? Done.

Enjoy the experience to be part of something unique with Knitbu.

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